Birdsong Learning

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    Open Ended Learners

    open ended learners vs normal learnersThese birds are able to learn new songs their entire lives. They continually go through the phasas that the hatchling goes through their entire lives. Starting at the sensory phase, where the bird listens to all the different variations of the songs. Then the bird moves onto the sensorimotor phase, which is similar to the plastic song. Then the song crystalizes for the year and is in use by the bird.
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    Time to learn a Birdsong

  • First Vocalizations

    First Vocalizations
    The hatchling begins to sing. This is called subsong. There seemse to be no function for this other than the bird learning what sounds it can make. It is comparable to baby babble.
  • Hatchling begins to imitate parent song

    This is called plastic song because it is not an exact imitation of the parent song. This is also where the bird begins to learn the different ways to sing/call.
  • Bird has learned the parent song.

    The hatchling has learned the parent song. It now begins to use it in actual life, although it will continue to make mistakes and have the behavior of a young, curious, easily startled child, leading to misuse of calls and songs. The song can be altered to fit the bird at this stage
  • Crystal Song

    bird songsThe bird has created a perfect rendition of the song of the parent. Any alterations that are permanent will stay there.