Billie Holiday

  • Parents

    "Susan Holiday and Clerance Holiday marride in 1914. After Billie was born Clerance left to persue his music dreams of playing gutair" ("Billie holiday").
  • Birth

    "Born Eleanora Fagan in Philadelphia on april 7 1915. By her father Clarence Holiday and mother Susane Holiday" ("Billie Holiday"). --
  • Period: to


  • Rape

    "When billie was only 10 years old she was raped by on of her mothers boyfreind. She never told her mother what happend" ("Billie holiday").
  • Teen years

    Teen years
    "After the raping billies life went downhill. She was in and out of girls homes and the New York Welfare Island State Institution" ("Billie Holiday"). -
  • Prostitution

    "When Billie was 15 her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Billie strarted to do prositution to support her ailing mother "("Holiday, Billie").
  • Job

    "In the early 1930s, Billie got a job and began to perform at a small club in Brooklyn, at a famous club called Pod And Jerrys in Harlem" ("Billie Hoilday").
  • Big break

    Big break
    "She was singing at a club called Montettes where producer John Hammond heard her sing. John arranged recording sessions for Billie with artist such as Benny Goodman" ("Holiday,Billie").
  • Name change

    Name change
    "Billie officaly changed her first name to Billie in 1934. She got the name from a silent movie star named Billie Dove." (Holiday,Billie) --
  • recording

    "By 1935, Hammond was recording Holiday frequently. Often with the great Teddy wilson and other expert jazz musicians" ("Billie Holiday").
  • Lady Day

    Lady Day
    "In one jazz club while Bilile was playing with saxophonist lester Young. It was then he gave her the nickname "Lady Day". That nickname stuck with her throughout her career" ("Billie Holiday").
  • Moving on

    Moving on
    "Billie moved to the Artie Shaw Band, and became on of the first african american singers to be featured by a all white orchestra" ("Billie Holiday").
  • controversial song

    controversial song
    "In 1939, Billie created "Strange Fruit". This sonng was controvesial because of its explosive political content concerning lynching" ("Holiday, Billie") . --
  • Movie

    "Holiday appeared in the movie New Orleans with famous co stars such as Armstrong and Kid Cory" ("Billie Holiday").
  • Drugs

    "Through constat flashbcks of her rape, Billie stated to get addicted to drugs such as heroine and choke" ("Billie Holiday").
  • Billie arested again

    Billie arested again
    "In 1947 Holiday was arrested fot a narcotics violation and spent a year in a rehab center. No longer haviing her cabaret liccence, she could not perform in New York clubs" ("Holiday, Billie).
  • Voice lost

    Voice lost
    "Through her constant stuggle with heroin addiction. Billie lost her voice, although not her technnique" ("Holiday, Billie"). --
  • Hospitalized

    "Soon after her last performance in may of 1959. Billie was hospitalized with kindney ailment" ("BIllie Holiday").
  • Death

    "Billie Holiday died in her hospital bed july 17, 1959.Her cause of death was kidney falure due to drugs. Billie was 44 years old" ("Billie Holiday").
  • symbol

    a grave represents " your own uncinscious in search of an issue that tou thought had been put to rest." in this cause this represents Billie because when she got raped she thought it was over but it was the reason she got addicted to drugs.