Beyonce's history

By s2214
  • Apr 4, 1198

    Beyonce's small sister when she was boen

    Beyonce's small sister was born on April 4th in Huston, Texas in the same hospital that her big sister was born in. Also her name is Solange Knowls. She was born 2 years after Beyonce.
  • When she was born

    Mrs Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on September 4th 1981. Born in Huston, Texas. She was born in the Huston's private hospital, Which she was concived by her mum Tina Kowls.
  • first school

    Beyonces first school was at the St Mary's elementry school in Taxas which she enrolled for dance classes inclouding Ballet and Jazz. In the same school is where her talent for singing was found. When she was in class her teachr was humming a song and she finished it, hitting the high pitched notes.
  • When Beyonce's mum and dad seperated

    Beyonce's mum and dad seperated shortly after the two girls got a contrat from Columbia Records. They seperated because life was to tough and they thaught that being toghter was making it worse so they sepersted.
  • When She and her group was signed to the Coloumbia Records

    Beyonce and her group was sold to the Coloumbia Records after 4 years of localy performing. After they were sold to the Coloumbia Records they changed ther group name to Destiny's Child.
  • Pink panther

    Beyonce Knowles starred opposite Steve Martin in the comedy film The Pink Panther, She also won the award for acting for Steve Martin.
  • dream girls

    In december beyonce stared in dream girls she was one of them, and there were three of them in that group or may i say the three sisters.
  • Musical biography

    In December 2008, Knowles starred in the musical biographical film Cadillac Records as blues singer Etta James
  • Beyonce's Mum

    Beyonces mum is one of the woan in Beyonce's life that encouraged her all throug her life. She is the woman that gave her what she needed to fulfil her dream. She is the only woman in her life that she loves and trusts.