Beyonce's Biography/Discography

  • Birth

    Beyonce Knowles was born in Houston, Texas.
  • Girl's Tyme formed

    Girl's Tyme formed
    Beyonce was part of the group Gir's Tyme which formed in early 1990. There were six members of the group including Beyonce. She was only nine when the group formed.
  • Destinys Child was created

    Destinys Child was created
    Destiny's Child was formed with only four members from Girl's Tyme. Beyonce was on of these four. The group was highly successful winning many awards and recognitions. the group would later drop to three members.
  • Beyonce's solo career begins

    Beyonce's solo career begins
    Whilst still being a part of Destiny's Child, Beyonce began her own career creating a name for herself outisde of the group. This was the beginning of her record breaking solo career.
  • Frist solo album released

    Frist solo album released
    Beyonce released her first solo album album titled 'Dangerously in Love'.
  • Second solo album released

    Second solo album released
    Beyonce released her second solo album titled 'B'day'. This album is one of her most successful to date and was the first album released after the official split of Destiny's Child.
  • Beyonces marries Jay-Z

    Beyonces marries Jay-Z
    Beyonce married rapper Jay-Z in a private wedding.
  • I Am... Sasha Fierce is released

    I Am... Sasha Fierce is released
    This was Beyonces third solo album and one of the singles on the album 'Single Ladies' was number one on the billboard charts for four weeks.
  • '4' was released

    '4' was released
    This solo album titled '4' was released three years after Beyonce's previous solo album, however during this time Beyonce released albums recorded from concerts performed.
  • Beyonce gave birth

    Beyonce gave birth
    Beyonce and Jay-z had a child named Blue-Ivy Carter. This is their first and only child to date.
  • BEYONCE was released

    BEYONCE was released
    Beyonces' latest solo album, self titled, was unexpectedly released and surprised fans before Christmas. The album is one of her most personal and intimate.
  • 7 11

    7 11
    Beyonces' latest release was her self filmed video to her single 7 11. Again this was unexpectadly released to fans and shows Beyonces' creativity beyond singing but dancing too.