Between The Wars-Hannah Walters

  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    History of the Declaration of Independence' >History of the Declaration of Independence</a>
    The Declaration of Indepence was written in 1776 by many congressmen. This Document helped tell Britain that America was going to be a free country and how it was going to be ruled. This doument ended the American Revolution. with out this document we could still be fighting for our rights today.
  • The Bank

    The Bank
    History of the first Bank of America
    The first bank was established in 1789. With out the bank people wouldn't have anywhere to store there money. i think money would be worth less because there would be money everywhere.
  • Invention of the Sewing Machine

    Invention of the Sewing Machine
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    The sewing machine was invented by Elias Howe. It was invented in 1819. If the Sewing machine had not been invented then it would take alot longer for people to make clothes we would still be sewing clothes with a needles.
  • Invention of the Lightbulb

    Invention of the Lightbulb
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    The lightbulb was invented my Thomas Alva Edison in 1847, The lightbulb has improved the working habits of laborers and the lifes of citizens.
  • The California Gold Rush

    The California Gold Rush
    History of the California Gold Rush
    The California Gold Rush started in 1848 and ended in 1855. Many farmers and store owners left there business' and families to hopefully go find gold to bring back a fortune. The wives were left back in the east to do the mens jobs. With out the Gold Rush we wouldnt have know about alot of the west. It helped spred migration.
  • Women get the right to vote

    Women get the right to vote
    History of women voting in America
    July of 1848 women recieved the right to vote. This was not an easy process for the women. Alot of petitions happened and there was alot of unrest about the subject. Once women could vote women could do alot more. With out the voting write for women, women would not be as far in sociaty as they are today.
  • Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge
    History of the Brooklyn Bridge
    The Brroklyn Bridge was finnished in 1883. This massive bridge took 14 years to build. It helps connect Brooklyn and Manhattan. It stands 276 ft tall and 5989 ft tall.
  • The Invention of the Airplane

    The Invention of the Airplane
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    The Airplane was invented by the Wright Bothers between the years of 1899-beyond. The fist flight was in 1903. The Airplane has increased the speed of travel. without the airplane. It would take people longer to go far distances and trade would be longer too.
  • The Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution
    History of the Russian Revolution
    The Russian revolution was in 1917. There were many wars with in the war like the October War. If Russa had not revolted their government would not be where it is today. There would be alot more unfairness in the country.
  • The Pop-Up toaster

    The Pop-Up toaster
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    The Pop-Up toaster was invented by Charles P. Strite in 1919. With out the Pop-Up toaster it would take longer to toast your bread. the Pop-Up toaster changed the way of cooking bread.