Betty White

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  • Birthday

    BiographyBetty White was born in Oak Park, Illinois. Betty was the daughter of Horace and Tess, an electrical engineer and a homemaker. She also remained an only child her whole life.
  • Modeling

    Betty White started modeling before she had started acting. She had started modeling in 1939. She has been taking photos ever since.when
  • Acting

    Betty stared in the film " Time to Kill." Her role was playing Peters girl. The producer was George Weeves.
  • Becoming a Star

    Becoming a Star
    Betty White launched her first telivsion series, Life with Eleziebeth. This was part of a five hour series called Hollywood on Telivision. This specific show was about a man and his wife!
  • On to Number Three

    On to Number Three
    Betty had been on many game shows and many talk-shows. On the show of Password Betty met her third husband. His name was Allen Ludden. Allen was the love of Betty's life but unforunatly died in 1981.
  • First Time

    First Time
    In 1975 Betty won her first Emmy award. This award was for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. At the time Betty was in The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • Third Time

    Third Time
    Betty won her third Emmy award in the year of 1983. She had won it for Outstanding Game Show Host. At that time she was a cast member of Just Men!
  • Comedy

    Betty had won the American Comedy Awards in 1987. She had one it for Funniest Female Performer in a TV Series (Leading Role) Network, Cable or Syndication. She was a cast member forThe Golden Girls at the time.
  • The Proposal

    The Proposal
    Betty had stared in the movie named The Proposal. She was the grandma. If I may i think that it was a very good movie since she stared in it, her secnes were the best.
  • Walk of Fame

    Walk of Fame
    In September 2009 Betty Whidte was award with the Walk of Fame. The SAG decided to honor Betty White by adding her to the Walk of Fame. They had decided to award her with the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award.
  • Hot in Clevelend

    Hot in Clevelend
    Betty White had returend to the show Hot in Clevelend in 2010. The second season of Hot in Clevelend had launched in 2010. Betty White has been even more popular ever since.find episodes
  • Breaking the ice

    Breaking the ice
    Betty White had been working steadly over the years. Thanks to a popular candy bar commercial she became alot more popular. This commercial was humorous and was so good it appeared in that years Super Bowl.
  • Saturday

    Betty White was the oldest person to geust-host on Saterday Night Live. She also recieved the Primtime Emmy Award. This was a very enjoyable life for alot of people.
  • American Idol

    American Idol
    For Betty White's 90th birthday she was presented on American Idol! NBC had thrown Betty White a happy 90th birthday party. The birthday party was a tribute to America's Golden Girl, for a 90 minute special on channel 3.Happy Bithday
  • Gracie Award

    Gracie Award
    In the middle of its third TV Land season had won the Gracie Award for outsanding comedy! Hot in Clevelend has been very succesful these past few years. You are probably wondering why Betty White a 90 year old women is still acting, well she had responded with I would not be able to keep up with my charity work if I stopped!