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Betsy Ross

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    Betsy Ross was born Elizabeth Griscom. She was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on January 1 1752. She was the eighth of 17 children
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    Betsy Ross

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    Her great aunt, Sarah Griscom, taught Betsy to sew. Her extended family was very close. She was able to learn quickly.
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    Her father apprenticed her to a local upholsterer. She then met John Ross who she fell in love with. Since Betsy was a Quaker marrying outside religion was strictly off limits
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    Betsy and John married in 1772. She was expelled from bother her family and friends meeting house. The couple opened their own business drawing on Betsys needlework skills.
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    Betsy Ross began making flags in the year 1776. A recipt shows that the Pennsylvania state Navy Border paid her 15 pounds for sewing ships flags. Geroge Washington is known to have asked her as well
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    John was killed by a gun powder explosion. A year later she married Joseph Ashburn. A sailor who died in prison ofter he was captured by the British.
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    It is said that Betsy recieved a visit from George Washington. He came with a basic layout of a flag. The only thing that Betsy changed was the stars to five points. General Washington wanted six points.
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    It is said that George Washington did not like how Betsy Ross changed the stars to five points. He told her he wanted it with six points. Betsy did fix it back to six.
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    Betsy married for a final time. John Claypoole. He had been in prison with Joseph. John died 34 years later in 1817 after battling a disability.
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    Betsy and John had five daughters. Their names were Clarisa, Sidney, Susannah, Rachel and Jane. They also had Harriet but she died at 9 months
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    After Betsy married John Claypoole, he didnt want her working for George Washington anymore. He thought he was using her. So from then Betsy worked in her own sewing business.
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    Only one of Betsy's children out lived her. The other four only lived to their mid 30s. Betsy was a very proud mother she had sucessful children.
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    Betsy Ross died January 30, 1836. She was 84 years old. She has been burried in three different locations.
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    Betsys body was first burried at Free Quaker burial ground. Twenty years later her remains were exhumed. She was then reburried in the Mt.Morian Cemetry.
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    It is a legend that Betsy Ross actually created the 1st American Flag. William J Canby told the story 50 years after she passed. There are no whitnesses to prove that she made the flag.