John Stuart Mill 5/20/1806-5/7/1873

  • A System of Logic

    A System of Logic
    Mill's main contribution to philosophy of science was through his 5 experimental reasoning methods that were coined as "Mills Methods." Mill's used inductive reasoning displayed through connections like causes and effects to use different factors to reach conclusions. These methods were layed out in his book A System of Logic, which was published in 1843. His methods, like the method of agreement, are still relevant and can be used today. Link below.
  • Enumerative Induction

    Enumerative Induction
    John Stuart Mill believed that we learn about the world through observation. Mill thought that we do science through observation. "The reasoning that takes place in our scientific engagement with the world, Mill holds, is simply the application of a particularly refined version of such enumerative induction." [1] Reference:
    Macleod, Christopher. “John Stuart Mill.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford University, 25 Aug. 2016,
  • Ethics in Science

    Ethics in Science
    Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that states actions are right if they promote the most happiness and wrong if not. [1] Mills, the godson of the creator of Utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham, was a huge contributor of this theory and published a book on it in 1863. Mills contributed to the philosophy of science by merging ethics into things like science experiments on subjects. Schefczyk, Michael. “John Stuart Mill: Ethics.” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
  • Advocate of Rights

    Advocate of Rights
    John Stuart Mill was known for being an advocate of individual rights and progressive social movements like feminism and voting rights. While serving for the British Parliament he was known as being progressive and pushed for reformation on women's and voting rights. [1] In 1869, he published the book The Subjection of Women. [1] Anschutz, Richard Paul. "John Stuart Mill". Encyclopedia Britannica, 29 Aug. 2023, Accessed 20 September 2023.