Berdorf Blondes 309

By Rilee_M
  • 1-36

    She lives in New York and is a park avenue princess. She lived in England while she grew up. Her mother lived in America and wanted her to grow up and marry someone rich with a castle. She moved to New York at 18 and meet her best friend- Julie
  • 37-75

    She gets a fiancee or a PH,his name is Zach they are engaged after dating for a week. While engaged she feels like Zach is ignoring her and doesnt care about her. They go to LA for her interview with an upand coming star. Again she feels like she is getting none of his attention.
  • 76-284

    Her and Zach divorce after he takes advantage of her. Her and Julie go to Paris, France to gether mind off of Zach. She attempts to kill herself through ODing on asprin. She meets Eduardo who she thinks is a PH of the future.She later finds out he is already married with 3 kids. Back in New York Julie takes her to"thearpy" or botox as it turns out. She gets additcted to itand gets weekly treatments
  • 285-309

    She finds her true love at one of muffyy's party's and is still obbsessed with botox. In the3 end her and Julie both have PH's, but will they last??