Bekah's Labor Unions

  • Noble Order Of The Knights

    Noble Order Of The Knights
    This labor was organized by Philadelphia garment workers. This was opened to farmers, merchants, and wage earners. You got equal pay for equal work. You worked 8 hours aday.
  • American Federation Labor

    American Federation Labor
    This labor was organized in 1886. The labor focused on better working conditions and better pay. Union labels on produced items and craft oriented.
  • Haymarket Spuare Riot

    Haymarket Spuare Riot
    The workers in Chicago march for an 8 hour day. It was a protest to McComick Harvesting machine. The police come to breka up the strike, anti-governmet was blamed for violence. There were 8 policemen dead and 100s injured. The public saw unions and anarchists as a problem.
  • How the other half lives

    How the other half lives
    During the summer childerns and mothers died from hydrant. In the summer kids would die from the meaasles. You cant really see because its really dark and then when you cant see you have to make should you dont fall over the babys.
  • Homestead Stirke

    Homestead Stirke
    This stirke was the most serious disputes in US labor history.The battle is between strikers and private security agents. It broke awasy becuz it advocated organization along industrial lines.
  • The Pullman Strike

    The Pullman Strike
    THe rents were high,in 1893 wages slashed due to the Panic of 1893 ,but Pullman refused to lower rents The workers went on strike, within days thousands of railroads workers, 27 states/territories went on strike. Eugene V. Debs were arrested and imprisoned. Then after all they were arrested the strike collapsed.
  • The Coal Strike

    The Coal Strike
    It was by the United Mine Workers of America in the anthracite coal fields of erastern pennsylvainia. The stirke was threatened to shut down the winter fuel supply to all major cities. This was the first labor episode in which the federal government intervented as a neutral arbitrator.
  • The Jungle

    The Jungle
    Thisj is about bad meat, that they were having and selling to people. The meat could have been in dust sawdust and were workers have was no where for the men to wash there hands at!
  • The Bitter Cry of Childern

    The Bitter Cry of Childern
    These are wrokers in the coal breakers have bad backs from chutes. All the workers had to do is pick slate form the coal and they have a dangerous jobs and get bad backs. The accidents they could have are, lsoe of hand, broken hand and crushed fingers.
  • Pure Food And Drug Act

    Pure Food And Drug Act
    This whole act starting on june 30, 1906. United States federal lat provided federal insepections. This was most on meat prducts and forbade the manufacture,sale, or transportation. To see if the food had any poisonous to the meat or anything to it.
  • Congress Of Industrail

    Congress Of Industrail
    This congress was part of the AFL until 1935. They broke away becuase it advocated organization along industrial liine. Then they reientergrated into the AFL in 1955.
  • National Labor Relations

    National Labor Relations
    Its a Pro labor and its Labor's rihgt to organize legally recognized. They have the power to punish unfair labor practices. National Labor Relations Board was created in 1935.
  • GM Sit-down Strike

    GM Sit-down Strike
    In the weeks of the stirke it spread to to other GM plants and to cities in other states. President Franklin D. Roosevelt pressured GM'smanagement to talk with the leaders. The actions against GM brought the tactic of sit-down strikes and their effectiveness to the attention of the general public.
  • Federal Regulation of Child Labor

    Federal Regulation of Child Labor
    In 1938, they worked under childern to hard and for to long. Minimun ages of employment and hours of workd for childern are regulated by ferdal law.
  • Steel Strike

    Steel Strike
    The striking by the United Steelworkers of America against U.S, steel and nine other steelmarkers. The steel companies sued to regain control of their facilities.June 2, 1952, in a landmark decision, the united States Supreme Court ruled in Youngstown. The president lacked the authority to seize the steel mills.
  • Major League Baseball Strike

    Major League Baseball Strike
    Baseball resumed when the owners and players agreed on a 500,000 increase in pension fund payment. Add salary arbitration to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The 86 games that were missed over the 13-day period were never played because the league refused to pay the players. So they went on a strike about it and it ended on April 13, 1972.
  • New York City Transit Strike

    New York City Transit Strike
    This strike is about the Transport Workers Union Local 100. Negotiations for a new contract with the Metropolitan Authority. Ths broke down over the retirement, persion, and wage increases. The final result was defeat for the union and a setback for efforts to unionize steelworkers.