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Beauty & The Beast

  • The Prince Turns Into The Beast

    The Prince Turns Into The Beast
    1.Exposition- A young prince throws the biggest ball for all these wealthy people. They were all having a great time until suddenly this old beggar shows up at the door. She asks for a place to stay that night, offering the prince a rose. The prince rudely rejects her and sends her away.The lady then turns into this beautiful enchantress and punishes the prince by turning him into a monstrous beast. She gives him until he's 21 to fall in love with a girl. For a reminder she gives him a rose.
  • Belle Rejecting Gaston

    Belle Rejecting Gaston
    2.Exposition- Flash forward nine years from the first event. In a nearby village is a beautiful girl named belle. She is considered weird to all the other villagers except the heroic, but egoistical Gaston who wants to marry her.
  • Maurice Finds The Beasts Castle

    Maurice Finds The Beasts Castle
    3.Exposition- While Belle is in the town her father gets lost on the way to a long-distance inventor's fair and ends up at the castle belonging to the Beast. A tree falls down right in front of him so he takes this new road leading to the castle. When he gets there he goes inside and finds talking furniture who are very welcoming. The beast then arrives and traps him in a jail cell.
  • Belle Gets Trapped By Wolves

    Belle Gets Trapped By Wolves
    1.Rising action- After, Belle was walking home and found her dads horse. She was surprised by how her dad wasn't on the horse, and went after him. When she went into the castle she was treated with delicious food and a show. After she triggers the beasts temper when she goes to the forbidden west side of the castle where the rose is. She runs out into the snow where their are wolves who want to eat her.
  • Beast Saves Belle & Replaces Her With Maurice

    Beast Saves Belle & Replaces Her With Maurice
    2.Rising action- The beast arrives in the nick of time to save Belle from the wolves. The beast was wounded, so Belle to him back to the castle. They head back to the castle and Belle replaces her father in the jail cell. Belle and the beast start a new relationship.
  • Belle Goes Home

    Belle Goes Home
    3.Rising action- Months pass while Maurice searches frantically for his daughter. Belle and the beast are becoming attracted to each other while the beast is becoming nicer. Belle notices this magic mirror and suddenly wants to go home.he agrees to release her when she sees that her father is out in the woods alone. The selflessness of his act still can't stop the curse, unfortunately, since she needs to love him back. The whole castle is depressed as Belle rushes away with the magic mirror.
  • Belle Tells Town About Beast

    Belle Tells Town About Beast
    1.Climax- Belle arrives back at Maurice's farmhouse only to find Gaston and a group of people waiting for them, ready to drag Maurice off because of his crazy talk about a beast in a castle. She shows the whole town the magic mirror and proves of that her father is not crazy.
  • 8Gaston Convinces The Entire Town That There's A Beats And He's A Threat To The Town

    8Gaston Convinces The Entire Town That There's A Beats And He's A Threat To The Town
    2.Climax- When Belle shows the whole town the magic mirror, it shows of a terrible creature. She tries to change it, but Gaston has his mind on it and somehow convinced the town on destroying the beast. Belle tries to stop him, but gets thrown into a dungeon with her father.
  • The Town Starts Attacking The Castle

    The Town Starts Attacking The Castle
    3.Climax- They're heading over there and going to attack while the beast is sobbing over the fact that Belle left. The town tries to break into the door and finally succeed.They start attacking the servants while Gaston rushes up to the beast to kill him.
  • Gaston Dies

    Gaston Dies
    4.Climax- The fight was very close, but as Belle got to the castle Gaston was winning. She was watching the fight and was very disappointed to see the beast getting hurt. Finally, Gaston falls of the edge of a un-sturdy ledge and dies.
  • The Beast Wins

    The Beast Wins
    1.Climax- The beast wins after Gaston dies, but is injured very bad. Belle takes him to the Rose room while he's dying. She starts crying and running for help, but the beast tells her to stay.
  • Belle Tells The Beast She Loves Him

    Belle Tells The Beast She Loves Him
    1.Falling action- The Beast dies in Belle's arms, just as the last petal on the enchanted rose falls and Belle confesses that she loves him.
  • The Whole Curse Is Over

    The Whole Curse Is Over
    3.Rising action- The whole cursed falls apart and all the servants turn back into humans.Everyone is thrilled because they know whats going on with the beast and that they are back to normal again.
  • Everyone Wins

    Everyone Wins
    3.Falling action- Now that everyone's human they start attacking, and win because they have much more power and hope. Also that the villagers are mesmerized because they just shape shifted.
  • The Recovery

    The Recovery
    4.Falling action- Everyone recovers from the many years that they were transformed. All the new love that was there. Especially the little teacup boy who almost died. All the snow lifted from the ground. The prince walked in with a fresh start, while Belle walked in with a new love.
  • Starting up a village.

    Starting up a village.
    1.Resolution- After they started up a new kingdom. Starting with all the villagers and servants, They built up a very magnificent village .
  • Having A Ball

    Having A Ball
    3.Resolution- They threw the best ball and unlike the other one there was no intruders, because the prince had a wholesome heart. Everyone had the best time including Belle.
  • Belle And The Prince Get Married

    Belle And The Prince Get Married
    4.Resolution- I think they get married after the ball. So, they have make a village, have a ball to celebrate it, then get married if I'm correct.