Beautiful Days- Anna Godbersen- Fiction-358

  • Pages 1-29

    Read 240 pages.
    In this section of the book the main character Cornelia's life is explained. It tells of her coming from Ohio to live in Manhattan and make a life there. It explains how her father has been assasinated and her brother has taken over the businees and is set on avenging her father.
  • Pages 29-77

    Read 288 Pages
    In this section Letty, Cordelia and Astrid along with many other family members go to a Fourth of July party. There Letty talks to one of her old "crushes". Cordelia gets in an arguement with a man who she happend to save his life. Astrid finally gets her engegment ring a properly proposed to my her fiance Charile.
  • Pages 77-82

    Read 293 pages
    In this section Astrid revealed to her mother that she was engaged. She was packing up all of her things to move into Charlie's house. Her mother finds this upsetting.
  • Pages 82-104

    In this section Astrid finally moves completly into Dogwood. Unexpectdly, MAx Darby lands his ariplain into the Grey's backyard. Her offers to take Cordelia on a ride and she agrees. They are gone for many hourse before reaturning to ground. Read 310 pages.
  • Pages 104-172

    In this section Letty goes on her first real date with the man she has a "crush" on. She reaturns as happy as ever. Cordelia gotes out to take Max Darby on an adventure, They drive all around the counrtyside. On the way home form her evening Cordelian realizes she is being followed. she comes upon Charlie at just the right moment and Cordelia is saved. Read 378 Pages
  • Pages 172- 333

    In this section Letty bagan he first job as a chours girl. As the war between the Grey's and the Hales continued things were becoming personal. Charlie and Cordelia began to set up their speakeasy. In the process Charlie and Astrid broke off their wedding. One evening Astrid went out and was kidnapped. This was also the opening of the speakeasy named The Vault. Letty had to take over for the singer who had becom sick. Charlie had to rescue Astrid. Read 548 Pages.
  • Pages 333-358

    In this section Max and Cordelia go out on a date and Max seems to like Cordelia more. And Letty gets her bog break form Valentine O'Dell, her role model. Astrid and Charlie live happpily after together. Total of 573 pages read.