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Be my escape by Relient K

  • Matt Thiessen

    Matt Thiessen
    This is the birthday of the writer of the song be my escape. Was born in Ontario.
  • Period: to

    Matt Thiessen

    The life that lead to writing the song "Be My Escape.
  • Devorced Parents

    Matts parents got devorced, when he was only 6yrs old. This could have affected Matt while he was growing up.
  • Moving to Ohio

    Some time after Matts parents split up, his mom got remarried and they moved to Bolivar, Ohio, Where he would soon meet his future bandmates; Matt Hoopes, and Brian Pittman.
  • Fairwell Adress

    Fairwell Adress
    Matt was 9, and President Ronald Reagan delivered his fairwell adress after he had signed a bill for the war on drugs, which gave 1.7 billion dollars for funding the war on drugs.
  • Oil Spill in the Gulf

    Oil Spill in the Gulf
    During the time of the Gulf war, one of the largest oil spills occured in the Persian Gulf in 1991. This is due to a stratigic wartime move against U.S.A. forces. The oil spill affected millions of lives both aquatic life, and human. Effects spread world wide.
  • Ohio Tornado's

    In 1992, Ohio experienced 28 tornadoes in a single day which didn't have any fatalities, but left 36 people injured. Matt was currently 12yrs old at the time.
  • Election of Bill Clinton

    Election of Bill Clinton
    Matt is 13, and Bill Clinton was elected as president of the United States, who would later get entangled in a web of conspiracices and scandles.
  • Start of the first Congo war

    Matt was 16, and the first congo war had just broken out in Zaire in the year 1996, which ended a lot of lives.
  • Titanic the Movie

    Titanic the Movie
    Matt was 27yrs old, when the movie the titanic was first premiered. This movie, when it first came out reached out to everyone who saw it. The movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, was an emotional tear jerker that has probably effected everybody in some shape or form.
  • Osama bin Laden

    Osama bin Laden
    Matt was 18yrs old at the time, Osama bin Laden attacked the US embassy and became the most wanted terrorist of all time. Osamas attacks on the United states have caused the deaths of 1000s of people, and affected the US and everyone in it.
  • 911

    Matt was 21 when the tradgedy of 911 hit the global trade centers. There were a lot of casualties and it hit the world hard. Many people were influenced by 911. What happened was 2 terrorist planes crashed into the global trade centers buildings, and killed 1000s of people.
  • Be My Escape release date

    This is the day that the song "Be My Escape" was released out into the world. Matt was 24 at the time of release.