BCT Assignment- Amber Anderson, Meg Armstrong, Lauren Ellrott, Ben Leiper

  • Timeline

    Amber Anderson starts developing organisational timeline
  • Daily Planner

    Lauren Ellrott started daily planner
  • Period: to

    Start and Finish

    Hand in Assignment.
  • Start TO DO list

    Meg Armstrong and Ben Leiper will make the TO DO list
  • Group Discusion

    Figuring out 4 physical hazards, 1 environmental hazard and 1 area of sustainability, to help set up for the next lesson
  • Take photos of the hazards are the College

    All team members will do this together
  • Choose photos/ Work on given topic.

    For homework, all team members will work on there given topic and have it completed/ almost completed by the next lesson.
  • Group Discussion

    All team members will talk today, about how they are going and how there imput to the gorup assignment is going.
  • Start Group Report

    All team members will join in with the team report..all progress will be sent to Lauren Ellrott's computer.
  • Marking Hazards on School Map

    Ben Leiper has done this.
  • Start Individual Task (Homework)

    All team members do this by themselves.
  • Continue individual task

  • Evaluting risk levels

    Ben Leiper, Lauren Ellrott and Amber Anderson will do this.
  • Draft

  • Group Skype

    All group members Skyped on saturday
  • Class

    Meg was absent today, the rest of the group worked on group assignment. All individual tasks have been started. Today we saw a past assignment and it was very helpful
  • Tasks were combined

    To do list, organisational timeline and daily planner were all completed and read over to make sure they were accurate
  • Assignment put together

    Everything that was done, was sent to Lauren Ellrott's computer to be put together into one assignment
  • Absent

    Ben Leiper is away
  • Assignment due

    All team members will had there own copy of the individual report and a group copy of hte team report