BBC Chemistry

  • 1526

    1526 Paracelsus

    1526 Paracelsus
    Alchemist Paracelsus makes no potion that cured and saved life of a printer man. suggest world was made of salt, surfer and mercury.
  • 1667

    German chemist Johan proposed fires were made by a evil entity.
  • 1669 Brandt/sulfer

    1669 Brandt/sulfer
    Alchemist Brandt was trying to extract gold from the human body by using the gold colored fluid, urine. Boiled the urine down and discovered phosphorus.
  • 1774 Priestly

    1774 Priestly
    joseph had found oxygen, by using the mercury and inverting the test tube, placed a mouse in a test tube thinking it would die, was alive and well after 30 minutes, breathed it himself and felt well. Isolated an element.
  • 1774 October

    1774 October
    Lavoisier does priestly experiment in reverse, and names the element oxygen
  • 1807

    Maverick Cornish chemist Humphry Davy harnessed electricity and discovered potassium.
  • 1807

    Humphry Davy breaks down potash into its fundamental ingredients and discovered potassium
  • 1937

    Hindenburg zepplin burned down, showing hydrogens destructive properties