Battles Timeline

  • Fort Sumter

    This was the first battle of the war.It encourged alot of northers to join the Union Army.This happened in Charleston Harbor South Carolina.
  • Bull Run/Manassas

    The Union would go behind enemy lines. Both Union artillery stopped working and would stop firing. The Confederate would stop following the Union and fight the next day.this happened in Virginia.
  • Fort Donelson

    the 13000 confederates urrendered.Grant became a hero in the North.The Union won.This happened in Cumberland River Tennessee.
  • Shiloh

    Grant sent his 40,000 troops into battle and counterattack and the confederacy retreated.The Union won.This happened Southwestern Tennessee.
  • Shenandoah

    Confederate General Stonewall Jackson led 17,000 troops to the battle in the Shenandoah valley. But later they captured 2,000 Union prisoners. But the Confederacy and it was easy for them. this happened in Virginia
  • Antietam

    Yet again wasted an opportunity to destroy the confederate forces once and for all.The Union won.This happened in Fredick Maryland.
  • Gettysburgh

    On July 3rd, 15,000 confederate troops went on a massive attack on the union defenses. And more than 23,000 union troops died and 28,000 confederacy troops died. And the union won.this happened in Gettysburg PA
  • Vicksburg

    Losses didnt sit well with Grant.(didnt like to loss).Next Grant and General Sherman took out smaller confederate forces at Champions Hill Black River leaving Vicksburg the remaing carge.The Confederacy won.This happened in Vicksburg Mississippi.