Battles of Section 16

By mduggal
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Sparked the civilwar. There was no casulties. The union surrenered the fort.

    Union: Major Robert AndersonConfederacy: General PGT Beauregard
  • FIrst Battle of Bull Run

    FIrst Battle of Bull Run
    It was t he first battle of the Civil war. For the North it changed the view of the war. Conferderates won this war.
    Union: General Irvin McDowellConfederacy: General PT Beauregard & Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
  • The Battle of Shiloh

    The Battle of Shiloh
    It lead to the control of the Mississippi. The Union won this war.
    Union: General Ulysses S. Grant & William “Tecumseh” ShermanConfederacy: General Beauregard
  • Fall of New Orleans

    Fall of New Orleans
    The Union gained full control of the Mississippe River, blocked the ports for the South. The Union wone this battle.
    Union: Captain David Farragut
    The Confederacy didn't really have a Leader.
  • Antietam

    The Union was able to prevent Lee from moving into the North territory, caused the Emancipation Proclamation. Neither side won this battle.
    Union: General McClellanConfederacy: General Lee
  • Battle of Fredericksburg

    Battle of Fredericksburg
    The Confederacy won. It was important becasue the South won again.
    Union: General Ambrose Burnside
    Confederacy: General Lee
  • Battle of Chancellorsville

    Battle of Chancellorsville
    The Confederacy won. It ruiined the chances of the Union invading Richmond.
    Union: General Joseph HookerConfederacy: General Lee & eneral Jackson
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    THe Union won, it ended the hope for the South of getting help from Britain and France. It was known as "The Day the South Died.
    Union: General Meade
    Confederacy: General Lee & General George Pickett
  • Seige of Vicksburg

    Seige of Vicksburg
    The Union won this battle and it was the major turning point of the war.
    Union: General Ulysses S. Grant Confederacy: Everyone!
  • The Wilderness Campaign

    The Wilderness Campaign
    Started the six bloodiest weeks of war. The Union won the war.
    Union: General Grant
    Confederacy: General Lee
  • Farragut at Mobile Bay

    Farragut at Mobile Bay
    Union took the last Southern port east of the Mississippi. Union won.
    Union- David Farragut
    Confederacy- No General
  • Sherman’s March to the Sea

    Sherman’s March to the Sea
    Burned basically all of the South's cities causing great destruction. Union was the people who one.
    Union: General Sherman
    Confederacy: None
  • The Fall of Richmond

     The Fall of Richmond
    When Jefferson Davis heard that Lee retreated from Petersburg and the Union was moving to Richmond, he started destroying Richmond. This became known as the Fall of Richmond Union won, but it wasn't really a battle.
    Union: General Grant
    Confederacy: Jefferson Davis.