Battles and events of the Civil War

  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Where this event took place:Charleston Harbor,South Carolina
    Key people:Major Anderson,Abraham Lincoln,General P.G.T Beaugard
    The significance of this battle:The begging of the Civil War
  • Battle of Bull Run

    Battle of Bull Run
    Where this event took place:Manassas,Virginia
    Key people:Thomas J Jackson,General Irvin
    What was the significance:The First Battle of Bull Run was the first major battle of the Civil War. Although the Union forces outnumbered the Confederates, the experience of the Confederate soldiers proved the difference as the Confederates won the battle.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    Where this event took place:Antietam Creek,Maryland
    Key people:Robert E Lee,George Mcclellan
    The significance:Antietam enabled the Union to repel the first Confederate invasion of the North. A tide of momentum swept Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia—fresh from a successful summer campaign and victory at the Second Battle of Bull Run—onto Union soil for the first time on September 3, 1862.
  • The Battle of Vicksburg

    The Battle of Vicksburg
    Where this event took place:Vicksburg,Mississippi
    Key people:General Ulysses s Grant
    The significance:The Siege of Vicksburg (May 18, 1863-July 4, 1863) was a decisive Union victory during the American Civil War (1861-65) that divided the confederacy and cemented the reputation of Union General Ulysses S. Grant (1822-85).
  • The Emancipation Proclamation

    The Emancipation Proclamation
    Where this event took place:Southern states except for Maryland,Missouri,and Kentucky
    Key people:Lincoln
    The significance:From the first days of the Civil War, slaves had acted to secure their own liberty. The Emancipation Proclamation confirmed their insistence that the war for the Union must become a war for freedom. It added moral force to the Union cause and strengthened the Union both militarily and politically.
  • The Battle of Gettysburg

    The Battle of Gettysburg
    Where this event took place:Gettysburg,Pennsylvania
    Key people:General Gorge Meade,General George Pikket,Lee
    The significance:The Battle of Gettysburg fought on July 1–3, 1863, was the turning point of the Civil War for one main reason: Robert E. Lee's plan to invade the North and force an immediate end to the war failed.
  • The NYC Draft Riots

    The NYC Draft Riots
    Where this event took place:NewYork
    Key People:Mainly thousands of Whites and Irish
    The significance:The New York City draft riots (July 13–16, 1863), sometimes referred to as the Manhattan draft riots and known at the time as Draft Week, were violent disturbances in Lower Manhattan, widely regarded as the culmination of working-class discontent with new laws passed by Congress that year to draft men to fight in the
  • Sherman's March to the sea

    Sherman's March to the sea
    Where this event took place:Atlanta,Georgia
    Key people:General William,Sherman
    The significance:The purpose of Sherman's March to the Sea was to frighten Georgia's civilian population into abandoning the Confederate cause. Sherman's soldiers did not destroy any of the towns in their path, but they stole food and livestock and burned the houses and barns of people who tried to fight back.