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Bass Guitar

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    The evolution of the Bass Guitar

  • Creation of the bass guitar

    Creation of the bass guitar
    The Dobro Resonator Bass came in when electronics and amplifications came in.
  • Gibson enhanced the Bass guitar

    Gibson enhanced the Bass guitar
    Gibson took a step forward by making the electric Bass guitar.
  • Precision Bass

    Precision Bass
    The true birth of the bass guitar started in the 50's. Leo Fender created the Precision Bass in 1951.
  • First Use in music

    First Use in music
    Leo was a fan of Country music, and hoped the Guitar was well recieved in the genre. Joel Price was the first to start using it.
  • The precision gains fame

    The precision gains fame
    Elvis Presley's Bass player, Bill Black, used the precision bass for the song Jailhouse Rock.
  • The explosion of Rock n Roll

    The explosion of Rock n Roll
    As The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and dozens of other bands hit the exploding 1960s music scene, so instrument production skyrocketed, too. Fender introduced the Jazz Bass in 1960, and later the Mustang Bass. Although the latter would become the favoured instrument of several top musicians, including the Stones’ Bill Wyman, Gibson would begin to claw back some of Fender’s market dominance, in part due to their fame in producing standard electric guitars.
  • The modern Electric Bass

    The modern Electric Bass
    n the 1970s the Music Man StingRay became very popular and largely produced. The StingRay was the the first widely produced bass with active (powered) electronics. This bass became very popular among many famous bassists like Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Acoustic Bass

    Acoustic Bass
    During the late 80's and early 90's. More bands started to do unplugged sessions. This would consist of acoustic instruments, and non-electric instruments.
    The bass guitar was still needed, but bands didn't have anything soft enough.
    The acoustic bass was born.
  • THe double bass

    THe double bass
    the double bass declined in popularity, as it is unable to compete with the compact size and versatility of the electric bass guitar. Now, when somebody talks about a bass, the mind instantly jumps to an image of an electric bass guitar, rather than it's predecessor, the acoustic upright.