Basque Country

Timeline created by ainhi
  • 1,980 BCE

    School explodes in Ortuella

    A school exlodes in Ortuella because of the gas.
  • 1,977 BCE

    Comb of the winds

    It is located in the beach of Ondarreta.
    The materials is steel.
    The athor are Eduardo Chillida and Luis Peña Ganchegui
  • 1,975 BCE

    Franco dead

    Franco dead in 1975, he was bry in "el valle de los caidos" that he said to construyed.
  • 1,959 BCE


    Euskadi ta askatasuna it was a "Organización armada de ideología nacionalista vasca."
  • 1,950 BCE

    Sanctuary of Aranzazu

    It was located in Oñate and they contruyed Francisco Javier Saenz de Oiza and Luis Laorga
  • 1,949 BCE

    Ortuella sports club

    They create the frist sports culb in Ortuella
  • 1,939 BCE

    Civil war

    The civil war was an important war that start in 1939 and finish in 1939.
    It was an Spain war.
  • 1,937 BCE

    Bombing of gernika

    It was an air attack made on civil population.
  • 1,237 BCE

    Tree of Gernika

    This as a tree that is lacation in Gernika.
    The tree is important because symbolizes the traditional freedms of Biscay.
  • 1,234 BCE

    The mining Industry

    A lot of people came to Basque country because was a big mining industry
  • -487 BCE

    cathedral of Santa Maria

    is a Gothic-style Catholic temple located in Vitoria-Gasteiz,

    Felix de Cantalicio (1513 – 18 May 1587) was a religious of the Order of the Capuchin Lesser Brothers.
  • Basque Country independence

    in the 19th it sparated in to part basque country and navarra.
  • Independence war

    The french came to conquer the Basque country
  • Name of vizcaya

    is one of the three Spanish provinces that makes up the autonoma community of the Basque country
  • Democratia

    Democracy is a form of organization of the State in which collective decisions are adopted by the people through mechanisms of direct or indirect participation that confer legitimacy on their representatives.
  • the big strike

    in 1890 in the Basque country there was a very large strike between the workers of the minerias of the triano-somorrostro minerias 500 workers started the strike and by the time they arrived in Ortuella they were already 3000
  • Franco born

    Franco born in 4 of December, 1892.
    It was a dictation important in basque country.
  • Aiete's castle

    Franco was is the month of August from 1940 to 1975
  • The basque church

    The link of the clergy with the terrorist group eta goes back in 1926 and it was recognized by the bishops in 2018
  • Sagrado Corazon de Jesus(Bilbao)

    it is a monument and is located in Bilbao between great via de don diego lopez de haro and Avenida sabino arana was built its inauguration was on June 26, 1927

    little by little all euskal herria (basque country)started speaking euskera after franco died
  • When ETA killed Txema Aguirre in the oppening of gugenheim museum

    The objetive was the king of spain but they killed to Txema Aguirre (35 years and one son) in the Gugenheim museum oppening
  • The euro come

    the euro arrived on 1 January 2002 in the 12 states of the European Union
  • san mames satadium(old)

    the last mach was Female athletic vs female Barça
  • Period: to

    The first lehendakari

    Jose Antonio Aguirre