Basilica of Barcelona "Sagrada Familia"

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In History
  • Proyect of Francisco de Paula Villar

    Proyect of Francisco de Paula Villar
    Original picture of proyect that he did for the basilica
  • The first stone

    The bishop Urquinaona positioned the first stone in the church.
  • Opening San José's chapel

    Celebrated mass for first time.
  • Start projects of birth front

  • Period: to

    Antonio Gaudí in the church

    He devoted on himself on the church, until his end.
    In that timespan, it concluded San Bernabé's bell tower in birth front.
    When he died, his follower assumed the works direction.
  • Civil war

    Civil war
    As a result of Civil war, burned plans and photographs even scale models.
  • Front iluminated

    Front iluminated
    The front iluminated for first time, after all damages.
  • Pasión's front

    Pasión's front
    Started foundations for built that.
  • San José holiday

    San José holiday
    Colocated on birth front group of sculptures that represent the Sagrada Familia (work of Jaume Busquets)
  • Museum

    Opened a museum for explain to the visitors history, tecnic, artistic and symbolic aspects of church.
  • Finished Pasión's front

    Finished Pasión's front
    Finished the building of bell tower from Pasión's front.
  • Period: to

    Built foundation

    Started built foundation of all nave, columns, vaults and front of main nave. This ended in 2010.
  • Towers and Dolores' sacristy

    Towers and Dolores' sacristy
    Started raise towers of evangelists María and Jesús and finished Dolores' sacristy.
  • Cross

    Placed the cross on the front of church.
  • Stones for Jesucristo, Evangelists and Virgen María towers

    Stones for Jesucristo, Evangelists and Virgen María towers
    Arrived the first panels of stones and got form.
  • Period: to


    The towers overcome in high and in March the Construction Board of Sagrada Familia stopped the constructions works, because of sanitary emergency caused by COVID-19