Bartolommeo Bandinelli

  • Period: AD 1 to AD 1

    Brief Summary

    Bartolommeo Bandinelli was born in 1493 in Italy. He grew up with just his dad, who taught him the basics of art, which he pursued his whole life. He did many sculptures and drawings, but his most famous one is "Hercules and Cacus," for which he stole the commission from Michaelangelo. He was extremely jealous of the recognition Michaelangelo received and even ripped up some of his work.
  • Period: 2 to 2

    Brief Summary Pt. 2

    Critics have commented that his small creations were detailed and delicate and that skill and talent didn't translate into his large ones. He continued his life in art before dying in 1560 in Italy.
  • Period: 3 to 3


    Values now: Jealousy, Hatred, Power
    Values in the renaissance: Humanism, Individualism
    Showed them through: Heightening features and physical qualities his human creations possessed
  • Period: 4 to 4

    Why We Picked Them

    We think those best describe his art, his personality shown through his art, his passion, and his one-sided hatred for Michaelangelo
  • Period: 5 to 5

    Why He Would Use Them to Create Art

    When we create art, our emotions often have a big influence on how it will look. Additionally, he, as almost every artist does, wants to express emotions in his art. What he experienced most in his life was jealousy, hatred, and greed, which ended up reflecting in his art.
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    Hercules and Cacus

    Hercules and Cacus
    “Hercules and Cacus.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 10 May 2021,
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    Our Artwork

    Our Artwork
    The mountain is symbolic of difficulties from people trying to become the best (the person on top). It shows jealousy, hatred, and the person on the top shows power. Figuratively, Michelangelo was the top. Bandinelli, who hated him and was jealous of him, was one of the people climbing the mountain