Barone Suprnationalism/Devolution

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    The History Timeline

  • United States and Great Britian (Devolution)

    United States and Great Britian (Devolution)
    On July 4th, 1776 the United States declared their independence from Great Britian due to Military/Political reasons. The United states was costing the British too much money on things such as a war, and if the British kept controling us we would have costed them alot of money, and they could not pay for it, but if we gained our independence we would have to pay for everything; not them.
  • Allies (Supranationalism)

    Allies (Supranationalism)
    The allies included Great Britian, Russia, Japan, and Italy. The reason for this was due to military/political uses, so that the Allies could Defate the enemy in the war.
  • League of Nations (Supranationalism)

    League of Nations (Supranationalism)
    The League of Nations was established by the United States, and was created to keep peace with the countries with-in, but however the failure for the United States to join the League of Nations Caused the organization to collapse. There were 63 countries in the League (Germany, Italy, Soviet Union, and etc.). Since this was to keep peace with other countries this was considered a political/military.
  • Israel/Palestine (Devolution)

    Israel/Palestine (Devolution)
    In 1948 Jews migrated to palestine because of cultural reasons which caused fights among the groups and, because of this the state os Israel was created, and around 40% of the worlds population of jews lives in Israel.
  • Germany After WWII (Devolution)

    Germany After WWII (Devolution)
    Germany was put together, because of Military/political reasons, and in 1949 is when Germany split into East and West Germany; East being Republic, and West being Communist. The U.S, France and Great Britian controlled East Germany and the Soviet Union controlled the West, and in Germany there was a wall seperating East and West Berlin to stop the spread of communism from spreading over to East Germany which was a Democratic Republic. After all of this, it created a unified Germany.
  • OPEC (Supranationalism)

    OPEC (Supranationalism)
    OPEC is supranationalism, and is economic.The reason is because the purpose of this organization is to contol the prices of all oil products, and most countries get their oil from OPEC since it's cheap. The reason for creating OPEC was to be sure that everything was fair and the price of oil is the same within all the countries in OPEC. The countries included in OPEC are Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and etc.
  • PLO (Supranationalism)

    PLO (Supranationalism)
    PLO involved the United Nations, and Israel to create a palestine state. The reason this would be considered Cultural is, because the different religions would move to plaestine instead of going to israel.
  • NAFTA (Supranationalism)

    NAFTA (Supranationalism)
    NAFTA, which stands for North America Free Trade Agreement involved the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The purpose of NAFTA was to eliminate tariffs on products that would pass through that area; which would make NAFTA Economic. Other reasons NAFTA was created was, because the EU had been created a little while before and the North American Countries felt as if they should do this too to make items cheaper and to ship within the border of North America.
  • Canada and Quebec (Devolution)

    Canada and Quebec (Devolution)
    Due to cultural reasons Quebec would like to break away from Canada, because Most of Canada is protestant, and Quebec is mostly Catholic. Also Quebec is French. Even though Quebec would like to be their own country, they are not, but Canada has granted them Atonomy (which is when you have self rule, but not independence). ~The Picture to the left shows the amount of the population that wants to become a country (oui) and non means they don't want to become a country.
  • Soviet Union (Devolution)

    Soviet Union (Devolution)
    The reason the Soviet Union broke up was due to economic reasons or cultural vaules (depending on the way you look at it), because the Soviet Union did not have enough money to support their economy, so their economy started to collapse, and cultural because of the differences in religion. and the countries created were Russia, Latvia Austria-Hungary. Many countries had very many resources among them so they wanted to keep them so they could keep these great reasources.