Barcelona FC

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    History of FCB Logos

  • First logo

    First logo
    The first coat of arms was created with the intention of doing a tribute to the city of Barcelona. The Assembly held on December 12, 1899, approved the design of the shield which would identify the Club. For the first eleven years of FC Barcelona’s history the club used the city coat of arm as its crest but the board decided the club needed its own emblem and started a competition in wich fans produced their own ideas for a crest.
  • Designing the second Logo

    Designing the second Logo
    Carles Comamala - with a father from the Canaries and a Basque mother, but born in Madrid and brought up in Catalonia, he was not only a great striker, but also a unique character, who stayed in the sport until a ripe old age and then went on to become a club director from 1909 to 1911, and founded new clubs in Irish, Galeno and Universitario, as well as enjoying rugby and swimming and journalism. He was also the president of the Catalan Gymnastics Federation
  • Completely different Design

    Completely different Design
    This design was completely different from the previous, more blue-scarlet stripes, side peaks, and central yellow stripes.""The second version makes reference to attendees at the meeting, mostly foreigners, contributed their ideas of the emblems, that for reasons of travel have been conducted, clubs who knew. Among these were the Swiss Shield, German and Polish. While the Swiss took it, it was Photoshopped on top of a double peak, and at the bottom was rounded."
  • Four design FCB logo

    Four design FCB logo
    Another spectacular remodelling in the form, where they become to change lateral tips, the central belt in black, and stripped of the ball. "The atmosphere was so charged, and so exalted discussions, that at a given moment Don Lluís D’ Ossó exclaimed indignantly “Això is a pot” (this is a pot). Then Joan Gamper in unconscious way that Word East you and gave an idea of such as the shield, he then drew pot shape drawing and embedded the previous coat.
  • Designed from 1946 - 1960

    Designed from 1946 - 1960
    4 Bars was again allowed. Included the “of” in the acronym, and there were several changes in the way. They keep this logo for 14 years. "Note that even though the shield of origin is what is known today, during its history to suffered several modifications imposed by the regime of general Franco. These modifications were the alteration of the order of the initials of the Club, Barcelona Football Club and must be called."
  • Anniversary

    Coinciding with the 75 anniversary changed shape and recovered the ancient name: Futbol Club Barcelona. "Later it was decided that the shield was filled with signs that made reference to Catalonia, embedding him the Senyera (yellow and red bars). Signs that identify with the city, by embedding special La Cruz de San Jordi. Signs of the Club that were colors Blau-Grana and the initials of the club, and finally signs that identify with the sport, adding a ball."
  • New Changes

    New Changes
    New changes in the shield more years to lasted, was from the 75th anniversary-2002
    The 28/6/02, created a new shield, Claret Serrahima Designer. Points were removed in: F.C.B., and has reduced the number of points on the sides
  • New and actual Design

    New and actual Design
    Last uptade of the logo, and actual logo in 2013.
  • Actual FCB 2013

    Actual FCB 2013
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