• Inspiration

    Ruth Handler went to Europe and discovered the German doll, 'Bild Lilli'. Inspired her to make Barbie.
  • First Barbie doll

    First Barbie doll
    American international toy fair, he first Barbie was established. Ruth named it after her daughter, Barbara. Wore a black and white zebra costume.
  • Mattell

    American toy company 'Mattell' was established- Maker of Barbie doll. Ruth's husband was the co-founder of the company.
  • Rights to Bild Lilli doll

    Rights to Bild Lilli doll
    Mattell company got rights to the Bild Lilli doll. Production of the doll stopped to get rid of competition.
  • 1st barbie dolls

    1st barbie dolls
    the first barbie dolls were manufactured in Japan, where clothes were hand stitched by Japanese home workers.