• When it was invented

    When it was invented
    Earle Dickson was the man who invented the Band-Aid in 1920. Earle invented it for his wife, that was always cutting herself, and for the Johnson and Johnson company. Earle invented this by putting a gauze attached to a center of a peice of tape and covered it with crinoline.
  • Impact on inventor

    Impact on inventor
    The impact on the inventor was outrageous! His busness with the Johnson and Johnson raised. Not only did it help the company out but also for Earle himself, he became much wealther by selling Band-Aids for a pack of 15 for 2 cents. Not only did it improve on his wealth but only the heath, he helped his wife wounds out and healing them faster, with her cutting problem in the kitchen.
  • Impact on its customers

    Impact on its customers
    The impact on its customers were as big as a deal as it was for the inventor. One reason why Earle why he invented it was help help wounds heal faster. Also for the tape to stay in place and protect. Another thing is when world war 2 came, millions of Band-Aid were shipped overseas, and to medical teams, also to hospitals for people with urgent care.
  • Other inventions that were impacted

    Other inventions that were impacted
    In 1924, a huge event haooened. Band-Aid became machine made. This was probably much easier for who ever was hand making them because it would be must faster.
  • Impact on other inventions

    Impact on other inventions
    In 1939 Band-Aids improved by becoming sterilized!
  • Impact on other inventions

    Impact on other inventions
    In 1950 and very important event happened, well mostly for kids. Band-Aids became colorful. This was important for kids because kids often like colorful things.
  • impact on other inventions

    impact on other inventions
    Also another very important event happend for kids. Band-Aids now were decorative with superman, spiderman, hello kitty, rocketpower, rugrats, smiley faces, barbie, dora the explorer and batman.
  • Current day

    Current day
    Band-Aids haven't changed much but they have became much more popular!