Baltic States

By pie45
  • what is the frist coelctive name

    the first coolective name was admisistrative units were established in 1713 itwas osstenee government important because it was when the name was colelective
  • Latvia gartes number speeeking risssia

    they are a minority to there country because of there reflection over all 40% of citizen are speeking russia but only 9% speek russaan it important becuae you dont know who sppeck russia and who dont
  • what is lithuans main port

    the main port is germans and parly russia this is imptant because it were the main port is
  • what is the Peace Treaty

    In 1920 after a series of wars, Solviet Russia signed peace treaties with the Baltic states. February 4th for Estonia. July 20th for Lithuania and August 11th for Latvia. it important because of the pecie traty and when they were singed
  • what is the baltic black sea

    the black sea is the bigest territory ever stertching from blatic sea to black sea this is imporatn because it tell you how big the sea is
  • what is the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

    Nazi Germany gave control of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to the Solviet Union. it important because the soviet union
  • what is Singing Revolution

    In 1988 thousands of Estonian people gathered across Estonia to sing previously banned national songs. This was a public demand for independence it important because they deamnd independece
  • in what year did lituaina gain idependence

    they gained indepence in 1990 but it was ent effective independence till the foloowing year it imporatnt because it tell you when the gained independence
  • what is 20 aniversery in baltic states

    estonia litivia and lithuania cleabreted the 20 anverery of independece from 1991 to 2011 the inited the prime minister and other people like minister of defence this is important because it when the were cleabrating the 20 anivery of independence for the baltic states
  • estoina

    they deal with legacy of ruiisan workers during the soviet years 26% of population is ruuisan it important because they dont ahve very must russia poulation in balitc states
  • why the baltic sates are know as that

    the baltic states are know as the blatic states because they bored the blatic sea they shared thye border with russia this is important because they bored russia and the blaic sea
  • what is the Defense

    Estonia currently has troops in Iraq and Afghanistan helping with NATO operations. They also are helping with EU battlegrounds.
    it important because of nato and the troop in afganistan on the batle grounds
  • what is the apporoximate area of lituania

    25,200 seqare milles it important because this is the sqrae mile and how far away they live
  • what is lativa country

    litvia is one of the 3 counrety know as the baltic sates it imprtant because there is 2 other country beside this one that know as the baltic states
  • what is estiona offical name

    estiona offical name is repulic estionia it important because it what it was named
  • what is Lithuanians language

    the lithuanian make up the orginal language in the baltic states it important because the speek eruopean
  • what is the population in lithunaia

    3.6 million most are blatic states member this is ipmortant because it al ot of people that live there
  • litavia shareborderd with

    they shared bored s with poleland this is important becuase it were they shared boredes
  • what is estionia poulation

    estiona poulation is the smallest compred to the two other counrtey in the blactic sates it important because pepole should know what the population is
  • estiona trade

    they look in the west for trade joined nato and eu union it important because it were the joined unions