Bahrain Settlement Timeline

By F9oofi
  • 538

    Assyrian Invasion

    the Assyrians invade Bahrain
  • Jan 1, 600

    Persian Empire

    from the 6th century Bahrain was a part of the Persian Empire
  • Jan 1, 629


    Prophet Mohammed takes over Bahrain through one of his representatives
  • Jan 1, 906

    The Qarmatian Republic

    the Qarmatian Republic ruled Bahrain
  • Jan 1, 1253

    Uyunid, Usfurid, and Jabrid dynasties

    Bahrani dynasties took over Bahrain
  • Jan 1, 1507

    the Portuguese

    the Portuguese rule bahrain and most of the Persian Gulf
  • Persian Safavid hegemony and Omani invasion

    they rule from 1602-1717
  • Oman

  • Persians

    they ruled when the ruler was away on hajj