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  • The creation of band

    The creation of band
    The band was created in 2010 as one of the subgroups of the group Idol Sakura Gakuin, created for Amuse. Kei Kobayashi, a producer of Amuse, is a metal fanatic of yesteryear, and he had the idea of fusioned the metal with the genred Idol. He bet on Suzuka Nakamoto, adn the final concept was a fusion of J-pop with metal. Finaly, he propused your idea to Amuse, and they gave the project the green light. Kobayashi recruited to Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi.
  • The graduation

    The graduation
    In the spring of 2013, Suzuka Nakamura graduated from the high school and had to graduate from Sakura Gakuin. But Amuse decided that Babymetal continue liike independient band.
  • Megitsune

    On June 19, the band's second single was released, titled «Megitsune». Babymetal continued to grow its audience in Japan. Soon after, they met Metalica.
  • Loud Park Festival

    Loud Park Festival
    In October 2013, Babymetal became the youngest act to perform at the heavy metal music festival Loud Park.
  • Leyend IDZ Apocalypse

    Leyend IDZ Apocalypse
    The band performed a series of concerts in trilogy form, titled «Leyend IDZ Apocalypse» like as one entity of entretainment independient of your irigin in Sakura Gakuin. Yui and Moa continued to perform in Sakura Gakuin until their respective graduation.
  • Babymetal

    2014 was de Golden Year: then went on an international tour of England, France, Germany and United States. On February 26 they released their first album titled «Babymetal». It contained 13 pieces and was available in a limited edition that incluided music videos and live material.
  • Babymetal on CD

    Babymetal on CD
    On April 9, Babymetal announced that its first album would be released in physical CD format in de United States on June 16, and later in countries such as Canada an Mexico.
  • Alternative Press Music Awards

    Alternative Press Music Awards
    On July 18, Babymetal made a guest appearance at the Alternative Press Music Awards, where "Karate" was performed before Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford took the stage. Halford, along with Su-metal and the Kami Band, performed a shortened version of "Painkiller", followed by a performance of "Breaking the Law", where he was joined by Yuimetal and Moametal on guitars.
  • The departure of Yui Mizuno

    The departure of Yui Mizuno
    On October 19, along with the publication of a new single titled "Starlight", the official departure of Yui Mizuno was announced, mainly due to health problems that kept her absent from activities and concerts since December 2017, shortly before . the recording of Legend S: Baptism XX live
  • Metal Galaxy

    Metal Galaxy
    On June 29, 2019, the band announced that their next album, Metal Galaxy, would be released on October 11, 2019. In addition, they announced a new European tour for 2020.
  • Glastonbury

    On June 30, 2019, Babymetal performed at the Glastonbury event and even gave some interviews, being the first J-Rock band to play a main stage at the festival, with a 40-minute act on The Other Stage alongside to Bring Me The Horizon.

    The band officially confirmed the release of “Legend - Metal Galaxy”, their new live material on September 9, 2020 on Blu-ray, DVD and CD formats. The concert was filmed on January 25-26, 2020 at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center in Chiba, Japan.