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  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act: Birth

    Elementary and Secondary Education Act: Birth
    On this day, Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to improve education opportunities for America's children. At the time, funding in the education industry was poor, and not very sufficient. This bill would become one of the most successful education acts in Congress history, all due to its commitment on "quality and equality". Resources for educational purposes and programs had to be refined, and the ESEA had aimed for this from the beginning.
  • ESEA: House

    ESEA: House
    The Elementary and Secondary Education Act eventually passed the committees' vote. It moved onto the House, and the bill finally passed the house on this day. The vote ended up to be 263-153 in the House.
  • ESEA: Senate

    ESEA: Senate
    The ESEA bill, codename S. 370, passed through its designated committee, the Senate Labor and Public Welfare committee. The popular vote ended with 73 yea's and 18 nay's. It would soon be on its way to President Lyndon B. Johnson, and the obstacle of Congress was officially overcome.
  • ESEA: President

    ESEA: President
    H.R. 2362 officially passed through Congress and this bill was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson. This was a proud and jovial day for the President, and his efforts in advancing this act in and out of Congress were undoubtedly worth it. His side remarks on this law can be seen at the website below:
  • Period: to

    ESEA: First 15 years

    The first 15 years of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act included many changes within the act. The program was to be re-checked for any improvements every 3 years. The majority of the changes were federal regulations that were financially focused. Funding and simple advancements were looked into in the early stages of this act.
  • Period: to

    ESEA: 1980 to Present

    The Improving America's Schools Act of 1994 was an act that ultimately revised the policies of the ESEA. Subjects like ELA and Math were added as the main standard topics to guide student progress in their education. The overall environment for students and staff were enhanced, and many schools around the U.S slowly gained access to new technology. Many learning-based goals and social improvements were founded throughout this era, and it still stands as vital step in America's education system.