Avengedsevenfold band

Avenged sevefold

  • avenged sevenfold formed

    avenged sevenfold formed
    Avenged Sevenfold formed while the band members were still in high school in Huntington Beach CA
  • first album

    first album
    The band made its first official debut in July releasing Sounding the Seventh Trumpet on the Good Life Label
  • second album released

    second album released
    Band released Waking the Fallen on a new recording label
  • new record lable, new album

    new record lable, new album
    avenged sevenfold signed with Warner Bros and released City Of Evil in June
  • MTV Video Music Awards

    MTV Video Music Awards
    Band won Best New Artist Award at the MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Number 4 on the Billboard top 200?!?!

    Number 4 on the Billboard top 200?!?!
    Single “Almost Easy” hit number 4 on the billboard top 200
  • CD/ DVD package

    CD/ DVD package
    Released a cd/dvd package in September
  • foREVer

    Band announced to being work on their third studio release. The same year drummer jimmy “ the rev” Sullivan died December 28th at the age of 28
  • new drummer?

    new drummer?
    Band released “nightmare” with replacement drummer Mike Portnoy
  • touring

    January 20th avenged sevenfold announced Arin IIejay with start touring with them that year
  • Featured in a video game?

    Featured in a video game?
    avenged sevenfold released song “carry on” featured in video game Call of Duty: Back Ops II