Author: Lurlene McDaniel

Timeline created by alysiacastillo
  • Birth

    Lurlene McDaniel was born on April 5, 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • "I have a Dream"

    Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech; the speech was a defining moment of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Graduated from high school and went to college

    She went to the University of South Florida.
  • Vietnam War

    1973 in the Vietnam War began with a peace agreement.
  • Heartbreaking news

    Her son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 3.
  • Awards and Honors

    RITA award novel
  • Award and Honors

    ALA award
  • Present Day

    She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And has wrote over 70 books.
  • President 2017

    Donald Trump president in January 2017.
  • Period: to

    Writing Books

    She began writing her books to help with the pain from her son.