Australia's Involvement In The Vietnam War

  • 30 Army Advisers Sent To South Vietnam

    The Minister for Defence (Reginald Townley) announces intention to send 30 army advisers to South Vietnam (SVN).
  • First Member of AATV In South Vietnam

    The first members of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) arrive in South Vietnam.
  • Sergeant William Hacking Became First Australian To Die in Vietnam

    Advisor, Sergeant William Hacking becomes the first Australian to die in Vietnam when his weapon accidentally discharges after being caught in vegetation.
  • First Australian Killed In Action

    Warrant Officer Class 2, Kevin Conway becomes the first Australian to die as a result of enemy action in South Vietnam
  • Australia Sends 200 More Advisers To South Vietnam

    Australian Government, responding to requests from the US President and South Vietnam Prime Minister for 200 additional advisers, offers to send ground troops to South Vietnam.
  • Troops Arrive Vietnam

    HMAS Sydney arrives at Vung Tau, South Vietnam, carrying the bulk of the Australian force.
  • More Troops Are Prepared To Be Sent To Vietnam

    Australian Government approves increase of Australian forces to a battalion group, supported by an artillery, additional APCs, engineers, army helicopters, light aircraft and more logistic support.
  • Harold Holt Becomes Prime Minister

    Harold Holt succeeds Menzies as Prime Minister.
  • Harold Holt Increases Troops In Vietnam

    Holt announces the Australian commitment in South Vietnam will be Increased to a 4350-man task force, and will include conscripts.
  • The Battle Of Long Tan

    The Battle of Long Tan occurs. The battle went for a whole two years.
  • People Still In Favour Of War

    Morgan Gallup Poll finds 62% in favour of continuing the war in Vietnam. (Exact date of poll unknown)
  • Prime Minister Harold Holt Goes Missing

    Prime Minister Harold Holt missing, presumed drowned off Portsea in Victoria. His body is never recovered.
  • John Grey Gorton Becomes Prime Minister

    John Grey Gorton sworn in as Prime Minister.