Australias First railways.

  • Nsw railway track

    This was NSW first railway track and it went from Sydeny and Parramatta a distance of 22 km. It ran into financial difficulties and the colonel government open the track up again 1855.
  • South Australia Horsedrawn railway

    It worked at the mouth of the Murray River carrying steam poweredd trains and was opened on 21 april in 1856
  • Australias first railway

    This was Australias first railway in Victoria. the train moved from Flinders Street Station to Port Melbourne.
  • NSW rail way track reopened

    The NSW railway track was taken over by the colonial government and reopened in 1855.
  • First line opened up

    The first line carrying steam powered trains was opened up between Adeliade and Port Adeliade.
  • tasmanian railway

    A Tasmanian railway was opened in 1868 and it traveled a distance of 72km between the northern town of Launceston and Deloraine.
  • Private timber railway

    This private railway was from Lockville to Yoganup south of perth was the first railway to open up in Western Autralia.
  • First Queensland railway

    The first railway was built and it went from Ipswich inland to Grandchester. it was eventually connected to Queensland capital Brisbane.
  • First Government railway

    This was the first government railway and it travelled from Geraldton and Northampton.
  • Northern Territory Railway

    A Northern Territory Railway was opened between Darwin and Pine Creek it travelled a distance of 253km.
  • Brach Line Opened Up

    A 10km Line was opened in between NSW and Canberra.