Australian Wine industry

  • Vines Introduced

    Vines Introduced
    Vines introduced on first fleet. Planted at Farm Cove which is now Sydney Bontanical Gardens.
  • Exporting of vines

    Vines were retransplanted and exports began to London.
  • Commerical Vineyards began

    Most Australian states had developed commerical vineyards for wine productions.
  • Camden Park developed

    Captain John Macarthur established this large vine vineyard.
  • Grape Varieties

    Grape Varieties
    By this time at least 33 grape varieties have been developed. This included Pinot Gris, Frontenac, Gouais, Verdelho and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Wine Techniques Developed

    Modernised techniques were seen, leading to the development of sparkling wines.
  • Penfolds Wines Developed

    One of Australia's largest wine manufacturers began opperation.
  • Yalumba Wines Developed

    Australia's largest vineyard began production
  • Vintage Grange Wine introduced

    Vintage Grange Wine introduced
    Australia's first iconic red wine was developed by Yalumba in the Barossa Valley.
  • Introductions of sweet, Fotified Sherry and Port

    Increased consumption during World War 2 saw a shortage of beer and 80% of Australian wine became Sherry and Port.
  • Cask Wine developed

    Increased house hold wine consumption saw "bag in a box" packaging ( or cask wine) had been introduced.
  • Australia is internationally recognised for Wine Production

  • Research and educational facilities developed for wine manufacturing

    Australia now has 60 designated wine regions and over 100 grape varieties.
  • Australian Wine today

    Australian Wine today
    Today, we are the 4th largest exporter in wine value behind Italy, France and Spain