Australian Prime ministers

  • Robert Hawke is elected

    Robert Hawke is elected
    labor under prime minster bob hawke retained goverment
  • Paul keatings is elected

    Paul keatings is elected
    In an exchange of labor party leadership, paul keating became prime minister, succesding bob hawke, who left partiament on 20 feburary 1992 after 12 years representing the seat of wills.
  • john howard elected

    john howard elected
    the first coalition goverment for 13 years was sworn in, with john howard as prime minster
  • Kevin Rudd Elected

    Kevin Rudd Elected
    Minsters of the new labor goverment led by kevin rudd, with julia gillard as australias first female deputy prime minster, sworn by the governor general
  • julia gillard elected

    julia gillard elected
    after the closet election result since 1961 produces a hung parliament, intense negotiations enable labor to form a minority goverment with the support of four cross- bench members