Australian Innovation

  • Electric Drill

    Australian electrical engineer Arthur James Arnot created the world’s first electric drill with coworker - William Brain. Originally created for drilling rock and coal.
  • Electronic Pacemaker

    Mark Lidwill and physicist Edgar Booth developed the first artificial pacemaker.
  • Medical Penecilin

    Scientist Howard Florey purified penicillin from a special strain of mould. The team demonstrated penicillin’s ability to fight bacterial infection in mice and, later, humans.
  • The Blackbox

    Invented by David Warren
  • Permanent-crease clothing

  • Plastic lenses

    Using plastic lenses for spectacles had many benefits including accessibility, safety and durability
  • Inflatable escape slide and raft

  • Bionic Ear!

    Professor Graeme Clark invented the first bionic ear Melbourne University called the cochlear implant. Advancing hearing loss technology.
  • Permaculture

    Bill Mollison invented a natural approach to designing self-sufficient human and agricultural systems with permaculture.
  • Ultrasound scanner

    Harnessing and interpreting ultrasound echoes bouncing off soft tissue in the body and converting them to TV images.
  • Triton Workcentre

    George Lewin created a wonderful invention for the convenient use for power tools
  • Racecam

    Live television using a little camera so the audience can see the race from the driver's perspective
  • Winged keel

    Ben Lexcen, marine architect, created a wing on the base of a sailboat
  • Polymer Bank notes

    Made from paper, cloth fibres or a combination of both. Our bank notes are made from a special polymer which, along with a series of in-built security devices, makes them almost impossible to counterfeit. They also last about 10 times longer than traditional bank notes.
  • Wi-Fi

    John O’ Sullivan and the CSIRO developed Wireless connection
  • Frazier lens

  • 'Spray-on-skin'

    Perth-based plastic surgeon Professor Fiona Wood 'spray-on skin'. The innovation involves taking a small patch of the victim’s healthy skin and using it to grow new skin cells in a laboratory.
  • Google Maps

    Lars and Jens Rasmussen developed the platform for Google Maps in Sydney
  • Cancer vaccines

  • Tank-bred tuna system

    Hagen Stehr may have saved the southern blue fin tuna from extinction fooling the fish into breeding more