Australian Federation

  • politics

    -six british colonies
    -laws made by british parliment
  • federashon

    -telegraphs linking ccolineas
    -began celibrating idea of being
    australian songs and dance
  • the biging

    In January 1881, an confrrence was held in Sydney to discuss the particular issue of customs duties.
  • Period: to

    the federashon council

    The British Parliament passed the Federal Council of Australasia At. 1885
  • federashon

    -idea of federashn was beinning
    to beacome more popular
  • federashon

    -convention to discuss
    federashon with premiers
    and REP...and NZ helpd melban
  • federashon

    -another convention was held
    in sydny
    -began work on began work
    0n aus...corst...and
    lookd at
    those from grat brtish
    and colineas
  • fedeershon

    conference held for pro-federashon
    groups- allow aus
    vote on wetherthey agree with
    the corits.
  • federashon

    -nashanal Australalasion
    convention mixet to reviwconst
    -QLD did not suport