Australia Goes 'All the Way'

By Damo14
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    Events leading to L.B.Js Visit

    The events that happened before L.B.J visited Australia.
  • Invasion

    Communist North Korea invades South Korea
  • Two Vietnams

    A conference is held where vietnam is split in two along the 17th parallel. The communist Viet Minh were to control the north while a country friendy to America would control the south.
  • U.S.A calls for military advisers

    Australia reponded to America's request for military advisers to strengthen their presence in the region. Thirty Australian advisers were sent to South Vietnam
  • Torpedo

    America claimed that the North Vietnames had torpedoed its ships in the Gulf of Tonkin, so America retaliated with bombing raids in the North.
  • Sent to Vietnam

    Menzies sent our first wave of trrops over to Vietnam to fight. These included our First Infantry Batallion and HMAS Sydney.
  • Total War

    Total War decended over Vietnam and the numbers of Australian troops was trebled.
  • 'All the way with L.B.J!'

    American Prime Minister L.B.J visits Australia looking for support after many people blamed America for the escalation of the war in Vietnam.