Auguste Comte (January 19, 1798 - September 5, 1857)

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  • Course on Positive Philosophy

    Course on Positive Philosophy
    Comte published this series from 1830 to 1842. The series had two goals, set a foundation for sociology and the coordination of positive knowledge. Six volumes in which the first three examine the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy, and the other three are about social sciences.
  • Law of the Three Stages

    Law of the Three Stages
    The 3 stages according to Comte are the following:
    Theological: believes that everything is orchestrated by a higher being or power.
    Metaphysical: states the harmony between science and religion
    Positive: is a science that is purely based on experimentation and facts, no religion is involved in it. This video made by Professor Tom Richey goes over each part of the Law of 3 Stages and gives a simple explanation to each one. Law of the 3 stages
  • System of Positive Polity

    System of Positive Polity
    In this series of books, Compte transformed his positivism into complete positivism, which derailed from his previous works. "Positivism transformed science into philosophy; complete positivism now transforms philosophy into religion." is a quote from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's biography on Comte. The mind, then, is not destined to rule but to serve, not, however, as the slave of the heart, but as its servant (Bourdeau 2000) which was the new ideology for Comte in this series.
  • The Death and Resurface of Positivism

    The Death and Resurface of Positivism
    According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, "None of this activity survived the First World War. The new balance of power created by the Russian Revolution left no room for positive polity, and Comtean positivism was taken over by neo-positivism in philosophy of science." but later Kuhn and Feyerabend started to criticize neo-positivism and rediscover views made and defended by Auguste Comte.