Audrey Hepburn by Zoe A

  • Born

    Audrey Hepburn was born in Brusseels Belgium.
  • discoved family

    discoved family
    Audrey Hepburn discoverd her English father and her Dutch mother was discoverd in 1935.
  • staring

    Audrey Hepburn was working as a model then became staring in movies.
  • Engaded with James Hanson

    Engaded with James Hanson
    Engaged with James Hanson. It was her first engagement.
  • Married with Mel Ferrer

    Married with Mel Ferrer
    this was her fist time getting married.
  • Divorced with Mel Ferrer

    Divorced with Mel Ferrer
    She disvorced with Mel Ferrer and it was on of her first times getting bdisvorced with someone.
  • Married Andrea Dotti

    Married Andrea Dotti
    Audrey Hepburn married someone else after disvorceing with someone else.
  • Period: to

    Engaged with Robet Wolders

    She engaed Robet Wolders but sadly she died before they got married.
  • disvorced with Andrea Dotti

    disvorced with Andrea Dotti
    They kept chatting eventhough disvorced so she could keep intouch with her son.
  • Died

    Audrey Hepburn died because of appendix cancer.