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Audrey Hepburn - Amy

  • Born

    Born in a Ixelles in a district of Brussels in Belguim
  • Mother Left

    Mother Left
    Her mother left to go to England when world war 2 finished to study Ballet.
  • Engaged to James Hanson

    Engaged to James Hanson
    They got engaged then dicided it would'nt work because of three career comitments but stayed friend.
  • Stared in Romen Holiday

    Stared in Romen Holiday
    Stared in Romen Holiday which made her an international star. In which she won an academy award. The golden globe award and many more awards.
  • Staed in a Movie Sabrina

    Staed in a Movie Sabrina
    After her sucsess in the Roman Holiday. Audrey took on her roles. Such as Sabrina whitch she started in. For her proformence she was nominated for a academy award for the best actress . While winning the BAFATA award for best actress the same year.
  • Period: to

    Married to Mel Ferrer/ divoced

    After 14 years marrige they divorced. In 2008 Mel Ferrer died at the age of 90
  • Period: to

    Married and divorced Andrea Dotti

    They contuied to chat after they were divorceds, in order for Audrey to keep in touch with her son Luca.
  • Period: to

    Engaged with Robert Wolders until she died

    They never did get maried but Audrey said those years were the happiest of her life. They lived together until Audrey died
  • Died

    She died of ependix Cancer at her home in switzerland. When she died her son wrote a book on her called "Audrey Hepburn"