Attempt 2

  • Mount Tambora, Indonesia Eurption

    Mount Tambora, Indonesia Eurption
    The explosions and ash lasted for 4 months which covered a very large mass of land and killed about 90-100 thousand people around the area.
  • Krakatau, Indonesia Eruption

    Krakatau, Indonesia Eruption
    The Volcano eruption was one of the most powerful in history. The lava covered about 70% of the island and killed 36 000 people on the island and the tsunamis that followed.
  • Martinique, Lesser Antilles Eruption

    Martinique, Lesser Antilles Eruption
    The first signs of eruption happened two weeks earlier where rumbling was heard below and ash was coming out of the top. Two weeks later a massive eruption happened and killed 30 000 people on the city below.
  • Ecuador Coast, Colombia earthquake (8.8)

    Ecuador Coast, Colombia earthquake (8.8)
    With a richter scale of 8.8, the earthquake started at the Ecuador coast and went to San Francisco, to Hawaii, and finally to Japan and travelled about 8 500 km.
  • Kamchatka, Russia Earthquake (9.0)

    Kamchatka, Russia Earthquake (9.0)
    This earthquake in 1952 caused a tsunami to travel to Hawaii and caused about $1B Dollars in damage and lucky, no one was killed.
  • Lituya Bay, Alaska Tsunami

    Lituya Bay, Alaska Tsunami
    This was by far the Tallest tsunami ever recorded at 524 meters (1720 feet) caused by a strike-slip earthquake of 8.3 magnitude caused massive waves to hit Lituya Bay.
  • Alaska earthquake (9.2)

    Alaska earthquake (9.2)
    The largest earthquake in North America, the earthquake "contained 400 times the total energy of all nuclear bombs ever exploded up to 1964." In the next few minutes, waves up to 200 feet tall killed 31 people along the coast
  • Chile, Valdivia earthquake (9.5)

    Chile, Valdivia earthquake (9.5)
    With the largest earthquake ever recorded at 9.5, with damages reaching billions, homelessness reaching the millions, and deaths in the thousands, this was by far the most damaging earthquake in South America and the second biggest (in length) earthquake recorded.
  • Longarone, Italy Tsunami

    Longarone, Italy Tsunami
    The tsunami crashed on Italy on October 9th 1960 with waves recorded as high as 771 feet or 234 meters.
  • Rat Islands earthquake (8.7)

    Rat Islands earthquake (8.7)
    There were almost no one on the coast of the rat islands in 1965 (where the earthquake of an 8.7 happened) so no deaths or injuries were recorded but about $13 500 in damages were reported.
  • Spirit Lake, Washington Tsunami

    Spirit Lake, Washington Tsunami
    With a height of 260 meters (853 feet) this was a very costly tsunami which was caused by the eruption on St. Helens a week prior to the eruption. The damages were in the 10 of millions in Spirit Lake.
  • Armero, Colombia Eurption

    Armero, Colombia Eurption
    The volcano erupted by the small city of Armero with a population of 29 000 and the eruption killed about 25 000 people and tens of millions of dollars in damage.
  • Sumatra Indonesia earthquake (9.1)

    Sumatra Indonesia earthquake (9.1)
    This was arguably the worst earthquake ever with 227 900 dead 1.7 million displaced and a volcano eurupted 3 days later and was assumed to be caused by this earthquake
  • Sumatra Indian Earthquake (8.8)

    Sumatra Indian Earthquake (8.8)
    with a richter scale of 8.6 as well, with 1313 killed and 400 more injured
  • Bio-bio, Chile earthquake (8.6)

    Bio-bio, Chile earthquake (8.6)
    With a scale of 8.8, the earthquake left more than 800 000 people "displaced" and caused about $40B Canadian in damages
  • Tohoku Japan earthquake (9.1)

    Tohoku Japan earthquake (9.1)
    This earthquake with a scale of 9.1, triggered a tsunami with 40m tall waves that fell over the country in a few days.
  • India Ocean Earthquake (8.6)

    India Ocean Earthquake (8.6)
    largest strike slip earthquake recorded, 230k killed from tsunami caused by the earthquake with a richter scale of 8.6