Atlanta Child Murders

Timeline created by lajisl
  • Wayne Williams

    Wayne Williams
    -raised in Dixie Hills neighborhood of Southwest Atlanta
    -aspiring DJ & ran radio station
    - held a reputation of a liar
    -serial killer from 1979-1981
  • Start of Atlanta Child Murders

    Start of Atlanta Child Murders
    Two dead male black children were found hidden under bushes. One was 14-year old Edward Smith, who was shot with a .22-caliber weapon and was reported to be missing a week before. The other was 13-year old Alfred Evans, who was killed with asphyxiation and reported missing three days before. (picture is Edward Smith).
  • Milton Harvey

    14 year old Milton is nowhere to be found while running an errand for his mother & his body will not be found until November
  • Yusef Bell

    Yusef Bell
    9 year old disappears and body will be found in November.
  • Atlanta Child Murders being recognized

    Murders continue from March to November 1980 until Attorney General directs the FBI to join the investigation of missing and murdered children in the Atlanta Georgia area.
  • President Reagan

    Murders continue January through March 1981 until President Reagan announces additional federal aid for the murdered and missing youth in Atlanta
  • Photo of suspect

    Core director Ray Innis claims to have a photo of the suspect who is in charge of Atlanta Child Murders
  • Confirmation that photo is a suspect

    Atlanta Public Safety Commissioner Lee Brown identifies the photo found by Ray Innis as a suspect in Atlanta Child Murders
  • James Jackson bridge

    After hearing a loud splash on James Jackson bridge, Wayne Williams is found to be driving the car around the area and is stopped while police question the suspect.
  • Nathaniel Cater

    Nathaniel Cater
    body is discovered of 27 year-old Nathaniel on banks of Chattahoochee downstream from James Jackson bridge
  • Arrested

    Wayne Williams is arrested and charged with the last of the Atlanta Child Murders being Nathaniel Cater and Jimmy Payne.
  • Wayne Williams Trial begins

    Wayne Williams Trial begins
    Trial begins as Wayne Williams is the accused murder who is charged w/ committing the Atlanta Child Murders.
  • Attorney Lewis Slayton

    The argument in trial of Wayne Williams begins.
  • Witnesses

    First witnesses are called to trial.
  • Evidence of Murders

    Controversial fiber evidence introduced by Lewis Slayton in the Wayne Williams trial.
  • Testimony

    Judge Clarence Cooper allows testimony linking Wayne to murders other than two adult murders he is initially charged with.
  • Guilty as charged

    Wayne Williams is found to be guilty in the Atlanta Child Murders.