Call of duty modern warfare

By neqxus
  • Russian Civil War Starts

  • Red Army win Russian Civil War

  • World War II begins

    Starts with German invasion of poland
  • World War II Ends

    Ends in allied victory
  • World Trade Centre Destroyed

    Destroyed by terrorists with almost
    3000 dead
  • Makarov Launches Many Attacks

    Vladimir Makarov launches many attack over the next decade
  • The Russian Ultranationalist Party is formed

    Another Russian civil war begins
  • Sgt. "Soap" MacTavish is put on prices' team

    Sgt. "Soap" MacTavish impresses John Price enough on his CQB test at Credenhill, UK, and is put on his team
  • Uzbekistan Withdraws from CSTO

  • The international Task Force 141 is created '

    The international Task Force 141 is created, consisting of American, Canadian, British, and Australian forces.
  • Operation Kingfish is launched

    Operation Kingfish is launched by a joint Task Force 141 and Delta Force strike team to eliminate Vladimir Makarov
  • Capt. John Price is listed as M.I.A

    Capt. John Price is listed as M.I.A. and is incarcerated in a Russian Gulag for several years
  • Vladimir Makarov becomes the CIA's most wanted terrorist. '

  • End

    Price and Yuri, with the help of Nikolai assault the Hotel Oasis in the Arabian Peninsula, tracking down Makarov. Price stops the terrorist from leaving in a helicopter by crashing it. In the ensuing chaos afterward. Makarov nearly kills Price, until confronted by Yuri, whom he shoots and kills. This buys Price enough time to attack Makarov, whom he strangles and hangs to death by crashing through a glass roof. Price sits on the glass-shard covered floor, bleeding.