• Galileo and the telescope

    Galileo and the telescope
    Telescope is able to magnify 3-30X. Galileo used his telescope to discover 4of Jupiters moons (Known as the Galilean Moons.) Discovered the cycles of Venus. One of the first to study sunspots.
  • Period: to

    TIMELINE 1609-2017

  • Fist satellite to orbit Earth

    Fist satellite to orbit Earth
    Sputnik was a satellite 58cm in diameter, about 83.6 g (Mass.) Sputnik traveled 29,000 km/hr (96 minute orbit)
  • First human in orbit

    First human in orbit
    Yuri took his Vostok 1 spacecraft for his trip around the globe. Vostok 1 was developed by the USSR. The flight in total lasted 108 minutes.
  • Apollo moon landing

    Apollo moon landing
    Apollo 11 spacecraft with the lunar module Eagle took 12 minutes after Apollo 11 spacecraft realesed the tower. Buzz Aldrin was the very first man to take foot on the moon.
  • Voyager 1 space probe

    Voyager 1 space probe
    USS robotic space probe. 722 kg. First to leave our solar system. The first man-made object to leave our solar system.
  • Hubble space telescope

    Hubble space telescope
    Launched from a shuttle. Cameras capable of taking pictures. Hubbles "ground crew" tells the telescope where to go and what to do.
  • Virgin galactic commercial space flight

    Virgin galactic commercial space flight
    Launch the spaceship in air. $200,000 per ticket. 6 passenger. 2-pilot craft.
  • International space station

    International space station
    Can be seen from the ground with the naked eye. Fully staffed as a 6-member crew. Largest artificial satellite to orbit earth.