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  • 400

    Salicin Discovered (400 BC)

    Salicin Discovered (400 BC)
    Greek physician Hippocrates prescribes bark and leaves of willow trees (rich in salicin) to relieve pain and fever
  • Salicic Acid Created

    A German chemist experiments with salicin and creates salicic acid (SA).
  • First Treatment with Aspirin

    First Treatment with Aspirin
    A German chemist, Felix Hoffmann, successfully combines a stable form of ASA powder that relieves his father's rheumatism - becomes main ingredient in aspirin (a - acetyl, spir - spirea plant - salicin, in - a common suffix for medicines)
  • Aspirin Distributed Worldwide

    Aspirin Distributed Worldwide
    Bayer distributed aspirin powder to physicians to give to their patients - it soon became the #1 drug in the world.
  • Aspirin Over the Counter

    Aspirn became available without a prescription in tablet form.
  • Period: to

    Asprin used as a Treatment

    Aspirin was used to treat symptoms of pain related to rheumatism (pain and inflammation of joints and muscles), lumbago (pain in muscles and joints of lower back), and nueralgia (pain in nerves).
  • Aspirin Possible Heart Attack Preventer

    Aspirin Possible Heart Attack Preventer
    Dr. Lawrence Cravenn realized that 400 men that he prescribed Asprin to hadn't suffered any heart attacks - he recommended an Aspirin a day to reduce heart attack risk.
  • Children's Aspirin

    Children's Aspirin
    The introduction of new, children's chewable aspirin is presented.
  • Aspirin a Potential Lifesaver

    Aspirin a Potential Lifesaver
    The use of Aspirin goes beyond pain relief to a potential lifesaver - FDA proposed a reduced risk of recurrent heart attacks, and the FDA also approved Aspirin for the prevention of mini-strokes.
  • Study Proves Aspirin Effects

    Physician's Health Study conducted a study of 22,000 healthy men, but their study was terminated due to an amazing 44% reduction in the risk of a first heart attack.