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ASIA ISHAM January 1968

  • hello goodbye beatles 1968

    hello goodbye beatles 1968
    Hello goodbye was one of the songs that was hot in 1968 by the beatles. Very popular .
  • Period: to

    january 1968

  • Zizi Broadway Theater

    Zizi Broadway Theater
    Zizi" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 49 performances
  • Dr.Benjamin spock

    Dr.Benjamin spock
    Dr. Benjamin Spock and four others for conspiring to aid draft dodgers. Spock was tried and convicted, but his conviction was later overturned on appeal.he only wanted to help the kids and they was against it but he was heard and thats how baby and child care is here today
  • popular movie

    popular movie
    Released February 8, 1968 (Wide)
    August 21, 2001 (Video Sale)
    Production Budget $5,800,000
    Theatrical Rentals $15,000,000
    Alternative Title Planet of the Apes
  • the match game

    the match game
    was a show that people went on and played games . this was very famous tv show.
  • lyndon Baines Johnson

    lyndon Baines Johnson
    Lyndon Baines Johnson- he said this in his state of the union..I have come once again to this Chamber-the home of our democracy-to give you, as the Constitution requires, "Information of the State of the Union." I report to you that our country is challenged, at home and abroad: -that it is our will that is being tried, not our strength; our sense of purpose, not our ability to achieve a better America;
  • some of january took part in the Battle of Lang Vei

    some of january took part in the Battle of Lang Vei
    On January 23, the VPA 24th Regiment attacked the small Laotian outpost at Bane Houei Sane, under the control of the Royal Laos Army BV-33 ‘Elephant’ Battalion.