ashley k.-absent

  • secret life of bees pg. 33-43

    rosaleen and lily go to jail. then lilys dad comes and gets her. Rosaleen wont apologize to the men and so one hit her on the head with a flashlight.. lilys dad tells lily that the men will kill rosaleen even if she does apologize. lily says that they wouldnt hurt her if her dead mother was there. then t.ray laughs and thats when lily decides to run away to Tiburon.
  • Ashley k. pages 43-66

    lily finds out that rosaleen was in the hospital because the three men beat her eve more. lily and rose snuk out of he hospital and began to hitchhike off highway 40 and a blck man in a truck picked them up, fed them, and dropped them off in a forrest. lily tell rose about why they went to Tibune and rose got upset and left and they end up meeting again by a creek and begin to bathe.
  • ashley k. pages 66-82

    they arrive at the boatwright house. lily sees a black mary statue and feels its spiritual power. she tell august, one of the bee keepers, thet her dad died in a tractor accident,which is a huge lie. the ladies at the house let them stay. after dinner, lily sees a wall covered in slipps of paper outside. then she hears the sound of wter and come to a stream and stands in the cool water and sees a turtle.
  • pages 82-135

    August, one of the bee ceepers, shows lily how to be a bee ceeper and how to care or and love them. that night she tells lily about mays condition and about the wailing wall where she goes to cry. a religious group of wemon and a man come to pray around the black mary. lily becomes acustome to her present life and is smittin by a guy she met 8 days after she moved in, zach tells her society wont allow them to be together. rosaleen moves into a house to help may feel more safe.
  • pages135-188

    lily and august talk about things they love. lily goes into town with josh and then decides to call heer dad and then he tells her hes going to hurt her when he finds her and lily hangs up. lily then begins to pray by the black mary statue. lily finds out that her mother once lived the the boatwright house and is scaredto find out her mothers full story so she keeps quiet about it. zach and his friends get caught throwing a bottle at a white man and are arrested.
  • 188-231

    may,one of the bee keepers, committes suicide in the river by the house. may left a suicide note that told everyone to live their lives fully. zach gets out of jail and then everyone decides to have a mary day and hve a feast . niel is always asking june to marry him and she always says no but thu time he asked and she said yes. lily and zach kiss and then tell eachother how they feel and how they can make there relationship work.
  • 276-302

    lily goes to junes wedding and then her a josh talk about how he is going to an all white high school when hes black. t.ray shows up and the boatwright house demeanding lily come with him. august asked if she could stay and t.ray agreed and left but lily stopped him and asked who really shot her mom and he said that she did. lily never forgave her parents but realizes she has a new family and attends highschool with zach and continues to live the boatwright house.
  • 231-276

    lily tells august EVERYTHING about why they really ran away and cries the whole time. she explains why she doesnt like her dad and how she accidentally killed her mother. august continues to tell lily about her mothers childhood and how august was her housekeeper when her mother was growing up and practically raised her. lily says she hates her mother for ever leaving her behind with t.ray.august gives lily some of her moms things and lily starts thinking her mom really did love her.