The Score

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  • The Start

    The Start
    Eddie and Edan started their career in New York City writing songs for other artists and soon began performing their own songs.
  • First Song

    First Song
    The band wrote their first song together titled "Oh My Love" that became popular, mostly in the U.K.
  • The Score

    The Score
    The Score has a genre about channel fearless rock ferocity with fuzzy guitar riffs and adrenaline pumping beats, dressed in pop hooks and motivational declarations. Throughout the band's career, the songs start exhibiting a heavier rock edge but about the struggle or pressure, someone might have with themselves and motivates the audience.
  • The Band

    The Band
    The band is composed by Eddie Anthony, who is the vocals and guitarist and Edan Dover, who is the keyboard, producer, and vocals.
  • Getting Known

    Getting Known
    The Score was known after Walmart used their song "Oh My Love" in a major advertisement campaign titled "Save Money, Live Better".
  • Unstoppable

    The Score released an EP (extended play) called Unstoppable that later got used as a theme song in the World Series of Poker, advertisement campaigns for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and in a video for Dude Perfect.
  • Myths & Legends

    Myths & Legends
    The Score released another EP titled "Myths & Legends".
  • Atlas

    Atlas was The Score's first album they have ever made.
  • Pressure

    The Score released an EP titled Pressure including songs: "Under The Pressure", "Born For This" and "Dreamin'" and included the earlier songs "The Fear", "Glory" and "Stronger".
  • The Future

    The Score will keep performing more songs that will help and motivate people.
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    The Score released various singles throughout this timespan like Glory (released on June 9, 2018), Stronger (released on September 7, 2018) and The Fear (released on October 26, 2018)
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    On Tour - Pressure

    The Score will go on tour on May 13 on Austin, Texas
    On May 14 to Dallas, Texas
    On May 16 to Scottsdale, Arizona
    On May 17 to West Hollywood, California
    On June 3 to Berlin, Germany
    On June 4 to Hamburg, Germany
    On June 6 to Koln, Germany
    On June 19 to Shenzhen, China
    On June 20 to Guangzhou, China
    On June 21 to Shanghai, China
    On June 22 to Beijing, China
    On June 29 to Спб, Russia